GitHub – thelinuxchoice/lockphish: Lockphish is a tool for phishing attacks on the lock screen, designed to grab Windows credentials, Android PIN and iPhone Passcode – stopthefud

  • Ethical Hacking Bundle!! 100+ hours content. Just have a look 🙂

    submitted by /u/patidarayush11 [link] [comments]

  • Thank you from your R/Hacking_Tutorials moderators

    As this community has grown we have seen an uptick in spam but we have also seen an uptick in those of you that report it and posts that break our rules. I can’t thank you enough for flagging the spammers, and up-voting new hackers questions, posting about new guides and finding/writing great tutorials! With your help we will continue to be a growing co […]

  • Who needs this. This might help. Follow and upvote.

    submitted by /u/bogolepov [link] [comments]

  • Saycheese – Grab Target’S Webcam Shots By Link

    submitted by /u/alishadirectory [link] [comments]

  • Setoolkit email spoofing not working!

    I need help with getting setoolkits email spoofing option to work, I purchased a domain yesterday, have smtp2go setup, but when I put in my smtp2go user login, it just says incorrect credentials. I want to know if i’m putting in the wrong credentials or something. Thanks! submitted by /u/burningchaos23 [link] [comments]

  • Best Windows Registry Hacks in 2020 To Make Windows Better

    Recently the windows may 2020 update has came up ! what is in the update ? only just the some better features and better cortana conversations., which is not usable at all. so here are the best Registry Hacks ( click this link to go to the full source) for the both command line and gui also. how to advance the feature of windows and How to shut down that app […]

  • where should I start?

    am new to hacking I barely know anything about it and am very interested to start but everything on yt is hard to follow and uses terms and programs I have no idea how to use someone please help. give me suggestions on what I should use to start or how or a YT channel for beginners.(ps: if u have anything for mac osx computers please send ) submitted by /u/a […]

  • Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch

    submitted by /u/ungrej [link] [comments]

  • Don’t know what to do anymore.. (think i’m hacked)

    Hello, Note: i’m pretty good with software and pc’s, etc so any solution that’s on your mind is welcome doesn’t matter how complicated it is. So this problem has been around for about 1 month i think. I have a custom build pc with windows 10 (specs at the bottom) and i think i’m getting keylogged or spyed on or something else. I get loads of hidden files eve […]

  • Using kali in vmware for kioptrix level1 in VirtualBox

    Since the free version of vmware does not allow multiple virtual machines, I ran kali on vmware and kioptrix on virtualbox. Is it possible to use kali with such a situation? submitted by /u/MdTaseen [link] [comments]

  • When you find a scammer and “hack” him…

    submitted by /u/ognenini [link] [comments]

  • Resource Recommendations

    Hopefully this makes sense, but I was introduced to tryhackme and a few other sites and really started enjoying them. Since I don’t really have a lot of IT and security background, I think I might have started to run before I learned to crawl. I have done things like messed around with wireshark, taken a couple of pentesting courses on Udemy, and now trying […]

  • Hide actions after accessing backdoor

    Hi, I wanted to know if the commands inputted after accessing a backdoor are visible to the victim and if so how can I control that computer by hiding those actions to run in background? submitted by /u/Sexypianist64 [link] [comments]

  • Hacking Livestream! Exploiting a format string vuln from scratch!

    submitted by /u/ISeeFacesInClouds [link] [comments]

  • Attacking CloudGoat 2 – A step-by-step walkthrough of CloudGoat 2.0 scenarios.

    submitted by /u/diaanasxsw [link] [comments]

  • When I took a hacking course

    submitted by /u/ognenini [link] [comments]

  • I converted the code from “Black Hat Python” into Python 3, applied PEP8 and resolved dependency issues. It’s available on GitHub.

    submitted by /u/DeoVolente11 [link] [comments]

  • New to this sub. How can I boot people offline on Xbox.

    I play nba 2k on the Xbox one and I get booted offline occasionally and I want to learn how to do it to fight back. I used to know someone who can and I just played with him but now he disappeared and I wanna learn so I can play safely submitted by /u/5ubcribe2pewdiepie [link] [comments]

  • What you guys do in life apart this hobby?

    Might be an off-topic question here but I’m just interested to hear the answers. What jobs do you have, other hobbies, interests, how you got into it, etc. Maybe you even make a living from this, or something else. I would image 95% here has some IT background, but perhaps some of you don’t? submitted by /u/G0ldenLi0n [link] [comments]

  • I converted the code from “Black Hat Python” into Python 3, applied PEP8 and resolved dependency issues. It’s available on GitHub.

    “Black Hat Python” is a great book, but the fact that it was written in Python 2 is a bit of a problem. Not only that but conflict resolution and plain bug fixing is necessary in practically every chapter. I left some good amount of information on how to use the repository code right on the file. It was a lot of work but I think I did mos […]

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